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kawai-tamako > Star Odyssey > Chapter 851: Shifting The Border
As soon as he saw this scene, Lu Yin’s eyes shrank. No matter how fierce the previous battles had become, even if an Imprinter had torn space itself apart, Lu Yin had always been able to see the rune lines in the attacks that were used. However, this time, space had been torn apart, but there were no rune lines to be seen. Even more importantly, Lu Yin was able to see an even deeper layer of darkness than usual.

Yuan Shi, Ancestor Mojiang, and Ancestor Autumnfrost had all vanished.

The border fell completely silent. This time, the Technocracy did not make any moves either, as absolutely everyone was waiting for the outcome of this decisive battle.

When the Sixth Mainland cooperated with the Technocracy, they could completely destroy the other Lavazones. But even if they did that, so long as Yuan Shi remained alive, they would continue to be threatened by his existence. This was why Ancestor Mojiang had given them a month of peace; he had headed back to the Sixth Mainland to invite Ancestor Autumnfrost to join the invasion’s efforts, as they had to deal with Yuan Shi.

Space became more and more stifling as everyone stared on in shock. It felt as though the sky was falling down, bit by bit.

It felt as though the border was on trial; the moment Yuan Shi was defeated, the entire border would be wiped out under Ancestor Mojiang’s hands.

Not much time passed before a bellow rang out through space. “You’ve been concealing your strength! This is your true strength. You are a Cosmic Imprinter!”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, as this was Ancestor Mojiang’s voice.

“Today, there is no need for the two of you to return,” Yuan Shi’s voice replied, and it caused countless people defending the border to heave a sigh of relief.

From Lu Yin’s bosom, the blood-red bell that had not been placed in his cosmic ring suddenly floated up before tearing through the void and disappearing.

As the blood-red bell rang out, a boundless might descended once again.

Everyone heard a ringing within their ears, and Yuan Shi’s figure flashed across space before vanishing once again.

Nobody knew where Yuan Shi and the others had gone, and only Lu Yin could see the indescribable number of rune lines that were headed towards the Technocracy’s territory.

From the very beginning of the invasion, Yuan Shi had concealed his strength for this exact moment. It had all been carefully planned to lull the Sixth Mainland into a false sense of security. In their carelessness, they had not dispatched any absolute experts or erupted with their full strength of the Sixth Mainland’s top experts.

Although his actions had sacrificed many lives at the border, and although there were people who he could have saved, Yuan Shi had not intervened. The final outcome was worth the sacrifices.

They were in different positions, and so, their thoughts were naturally different. To some, saving people was far more important than concealing a top powerhouse’s stre

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