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kawai-tamako > The Surgeon’s Studio > Chapter 1006 - Very Much Like First Love
Chapter 1006: Very Much Like First Love

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“Hello, Boss Zheng.” Brother Lin walked into the office and saw Zheng Ren sitting inside. He smiled sincerely and strode in.

Zhao Yunlong was stunned. was he trying to make things better? But this smile was too exaggerated.

He felt that the script had gone beyond his design.

Zheng Ren stood up, looking at Brother Lin with a confused face. Zhao Yunlong felt a wave of contempt in his heart. He had been here for a long time, but none of the department heads knew him. How low was his EQ? With this kind of person, there was no justice if he did not die.

“Division Chief Lin, you have nothing to do today,” Su Yun said with a smile.

“Hello, Division Chief Lin.” Zheng Ren immediately reached out his hand, and the expression on his face became more lively.

“I’m the Deputy Division Chief of another division. Just call me Brother Lin,” Brother Lin said with a smile.

This name of his was very advantageous. It was like this when he was in school. However, this kind of joke with a homonym was a little too casual in this kind of occasion.

Brother Linreexamined Zheng Ren and casually said a joke to pull in the relationship.

“Isn’t this where Chief Kong went to look for Division Chief Ye to make a record of you going to the Mayo Clinic to run a freelance surgery? I’m just here to see what I can do,” Brother Lin said.

“You just need to let me know. It would be great if I went. I’ll have to trouble you to make a trip,” Su Yun said from the side.

Zhao Yunlong was stunned.

What was going on?

The truth was like a wild horse that had run out of control. The hooves of the horse landed on Zhao Yunlong’s face and almost stunned him.

He was going to the Mayo Clinic to perform surgery? Chief Kong was going to the Medical Administration Division to make a record? No, why would Mayo Clinic invite Zheng Ren for surgery?

Those people had their noses up in the air, and the contempt among their peers had reached the extreme. Not to mention the domestic ones, even if it was a well-known international hospital, Mayo rarely invited people to perform surgery.

The number one in the world was not for nothing.

And Brother Lin, this guy, was here to suck up to him, not… Zhao Yunlong felt a suffocation in his chest, and old blood surged in his chest.

“Now the hospital requires the organs to be service-oriented organs, to serve the clinic and solve the practical difficulties and needs of the clinic. Boss Zheng, surely you can’t handle the matters here personally,” Brother Linsaid with a smile.

He did not know who Su Yun was, so the person who spoke always revolved around Zheng Ren. But Brother Lin noticed that ever since he entered the room, Little Wang, the clerk beside him, had a lustful look on her face.

The bashful smell coming from her body was full of sweetness and sourness. It was very

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